The Blog Is Dead, Long Live The Blog

So! It took getting my domain name sniped to make me realize how badly I’d let things slip here.

My registrar had a problem processing my credit card for, and I thought I got it cleared up and forgot about it, and what really happened is the domain lapsed and got picked up by a sniper. The domain is now being squatted by someone who wants $500 to probably sell it back to me. I could budget for that, and would do so, if I could be certain the sniper would actually give me back my domain name, but after some reflection I’ve decided there’s a silver lining here. I’m relaunching my blog and there’s no better opportunity to rebrand. Losing my domain name sort of makes the rebranding decision for me.


Hello and welcome to Why, Dave, Why?!?, which for all the renaming and rebranding will probably be about largely the same old silliness. But I might be just a titch more unrepentant about a few things.

TL;DR if you have links or an RSS feed tied to, please update them to, or, failing that, at least to, which WordPress has kindly kept reserved to me.

What’s ahead for this blog? Well, to be honest, about the only thing I can promise is that there IS an “ahead” from here. I have plenty of post ideas rattling around in my head. In the past few years I’ve learned as much about programming as I have in the ten years prior. So that’s two posts right there. 😉

I’ll be cleaning out old blog posts and updating things to reference the new domain name, and maybe the style of the blog itself, who knows. For now, let’s see how many of you have your RSS feed pointed to WordPress. I’ll publish this now, 6:15am MDT on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, but I won’t make an official announcement until tomorrow once I’ve had a chance to clear some dead brush off the site. Comment below if you saw this before the announcement. Oh, but just because I’m not announcing it yet, feel free to spread the word–I’d love to tweet about this tomorrow and find out that some of you were already in the know.

At any rate, welcome back, me! Let’s have some fun together.

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