Create Your Own Programming Language

I’ll write more about this soon. For now, you need to be writing your own programming language, and this book will show you how.

Click Here
(Disclaimer: Marc is marketing his book through affiliates, and I make a commission if you buy this book.)

I’ve read this book and it’s amazing. I will post a full review soon, along with tidbits of the languages I’m creating. Short version: in a few hours you’ll write an interpreter; in a weekend you’ll write both a native compiler and a bytecode compiler. By next Monday your language will be running on the JVM. It really is that awesome.

2 thoughts on “Create Your Own Programming Language

  1. David Brady Post author

    Dude, thank you! And I am VERY glad to hear that it’s exciting you and getting you moving.

    I found the book “perfectly flawed”, by which I mean every time I found a missing piece, a little bit of effort filled the gap and I ended up LEARNING something from it, and the next section built cleanly on that new learning. Good fun.


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