Announcement: Challenge Failed

Hi Gang,

So, my plan this week was to blog every day, and today I planned to post the final post in the Loyalty and Layoffs followup series. Life got increasingly out of hand this week and I’m not ready to post the finale. I could jam something out over lunch, but I wouldn’t be happy with the result.

I wouldn’t normally post a “No Post Today” announcement. Don’t point out your mistakes, right? However, I did promise you a post each day this week, and based on my web traffic stats, some of you have been showing up every day to read those posts. I am grateful for that trust, and I don’t want to leave you hanging.

I’ll be back Monday with the followup, and it’ll get the attention it deserves over the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Announcement: Challenge Failed

    1. dbrady Post author

      Um… yeah… about that… *sigh* Real Life slammed me down hard. Haven’t caught my breath yet. 😦 Thanks for poking me, though–I’ll try to get something up soon. 🙂


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