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Announcement: Daily Posts This Week

Hi Gang!

I’ve been trying to write the “medicine” followup to Loyalty and Layoffs for two weeks now, and it just keeps getting bigger. I have too many points I want to make for a single post.

So… stay tuned: I’m going to challenge myself to post every day this week–and this post doesn’t count! I’ll break the Medicine post up into three separate posts for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Later today I’ll put up the most important and urgent piece of medicine: how to build and how to use a professional network. Wednesday I’ll talk about emotional and psychological boundaries and how certain myths we have about them play right into the bad kind of loyalty. And Friday will be the “juicy gossip” post: I’m going to talk about office politics.

That leaves Tuesday and Thursday free to mix things up a bit. On Tuesday I’m going to talk about how wrong my friend Rodney is, and why that’s a good thing, because he’s awesome. And on Thursday… oh what the heck, let’s actually talk about programming computers for a bit. I’ve been writing a lot of Heart and Mind posts, but not many Code posts. I need to clear that up a bit.

So here’s to this week: may I make my challenge, and may the posts I write be worth your time. See you soon! 🙂